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geek rating/pervy community [12 Apr 2006|10:43am]


first five members automatically accepted
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Anti Star-Wars Movement [07 Aug 2005|07:45am]

Hello, I'm Howard Tuttleman. I'm from Detroit and I'm looking for like-minded people to boycott the Star-Wars movies. If I've got you, go to my web-site for more info http://www.howardtuttleman.com
For the rest of you, please just read on. This will make sense in the end and I'm sure you will agree.
You are probably ready to jump down my throat, so just calm down. I am pretty mad right now too. You see, when I was younger I never happened to catch The Star Wars like so many of you did. Sure, I was aware of it quite a bit, and had heard OF it a lot. As a kid there were plenty of times when bullys would punish me whith wiffle-bats that they pretended were light-sabers, and I would always get drafted to play a Speeder-biker or an Ewok when everyone else got to be main-characters. Obviously these things left a bad taste in my mouth about the Star Wars. I started getting my parents to buy me the action-figures and vehicles, and that brought plenty of kids over to my house, and people THOUGHT I had seen it because I had quite a collection.

So when I finally saw some of the novels at the library, I gave-in and picked up the first in the series. It completely captivated me and made me realize exactly what was going on, and I didn't even HAVE to see the movie. I moved on to the next 2 books shortly after, and now reading them has become a yearly tradition for me. I was enthralled by the Socio-Political struggles and the in-depth character building so much in fact that I began to realize something. That something truly this special would be significantly weakened by condensing them into 3 ridiculously short Hollywood-style movies. The concept of these movies is just laughable to me that they would even TRY something like this. I therefore established "The Star Wars Movie Boycott Movement".

You see, when I read the novels I have very vivid pictures of what certain space-ships, monsters or planets look like, and the best part is that I can imagine whatever actors I want playing the main-characters. I obviously imagine myself as Luke because I feel that I really capture the character well (especially in the 3rd book). My best picks for the other characters is how I visualize Han-Solo as being Patrick Swayze. He has that dashing charisma that the character MUST have. I imagine Darth-Vader's voice as this guy Lance I know who is a real bully-type just like the character. Another one I have is harder to explain but I will try. I chose my dog Morris to be Chewbacca, but now he is 8 feet tall and can stand on 2 legs. If an element of the story is too hard to imagine, that is the ONLY time I will accept an out-side influence and refer to my action-figures.

Do you see what I'm doing here? I am able to personalize the story, whereas you can only imagine it how the movie tells you it is. I can now enjoy the story far more, and on so many more levels than you can. In conclusion, I know that quite a few of you have seen these movies, so I guess it's too late for you to imagine what is actually possible. The people I am trying to get through to are the innocents that whose minds are blank at the moment like mine is lucky to still be. The answer is NO. Buy the books instead, and save yourself a ton of money in the proccess, and imagine it how YOU want to. Not greedy Hollywood movie-makers.
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Yay! [14 Jun 2005|09:10am]

st_monkey_doom is amazing!

Just LOOK!

I love it. I actually kinda want those now.
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[10 Jun 2005|04:32pm]

Shameless promotionCollapse )
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Huh. [09 Apr 2005|11:12pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Well since this community IS pretty dead... sad, sad way to go...

I'll just smack in an advert for _ismurfgeeks_ ... just because I like it better.
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Haha... Yeah. [09 Apr 2005|11:18am]

[ mood | calm ]

Okay. So first post in a dead community. This is nice, but I liked the name, so I figured I'd join up.

Currently I'm doing a few things with my geekiness. Ready, let's wander into my brain for a minute. Let's rattle off some of the equipment I have laying around here.

All the systems below are VNCed with UltraVNC, and also Fold proteins for Folding@Home (Stanford University). I'll post more on that all later.

(1) Belkin Wired Router
(1) Belkin Wireless Router (802.11b)
(1) NetGear Four Port Router
(1) Hawkings 8-port mini-switch
(1) Tons of transistors, resistors, random pc parts (bezels, screws, the toolbox that's cramped with random things, the nut/bolt sorting box that's too full, the huge metal box under my bed full of anti-static bags with NICs, videocards, soundcards, and controller cards.)

Now ... the rigs sitting around, all networked together.

-Pandora (my personal rig)

Athlon XP 2200+ (2.2ghz overclocked air cooling)
One gig Generic PC3200 DDR (2x512 with heat spreaders)
1x160gig drive, 1x80gig internal drive, 1x80gig external drive, 1x40gig internal drive.
Samsung CD-RW/DVD-Rom
ABIT NF7-S Revision 2.0 Mainboard, custom cooled northbridge.
Nice little cheap half-server tower case, black and grey, matching bezels and floppy.
Insignia 17" generic monitor
Microsoft Intellimouse 2.0 (tilt-wheel) wireless mouse.
Some generic black keyboard.

-Prometheus (my server)
AMD Duron 700 (741mhz, air cooled)
393mb generic PC133 SDRAM
1x30gig drive
Generic CD-Rom
Gigabyte G-7ZM mainboard (stable server board)
Nothing else except the KVM cables running to it. It's a headless server most of the time, using UltraVNC to administrate.

Intel Celeron (566mhz, air cooled)
1x10gig drive
Generic CD-Rom
Florida board, not sure the revision
64mb PC100 SDRAM
Headless system, again.

-FAKK2 (Chad's Alienware)
Athlon64 4000+ (2.4ghz)
One gig Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR (2x512)
1x80gig internal sata
Not sure, but it's an ABIT mainboard, I'll find out sometime.
His 17" LCD Monitor, and stuff. But I still have his VNCed, not to his knowledge.

-DragonBlade (Living room PC)
Athlon XP 1700+ (1.67ghz)
512mb PC2100 DDR (2x256)
1x30gig internal drive
Samsung CD-RW
My old 15" monitor, VNCed as well.

-NotNamed (Not yet done being cleaned)
Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67ghz)
512mb PC2700 DDR (2x256)
60gig internal
Generic CD-RW, Generic DVD-Rom
No monitor, but will VNC as a headless system.

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Holiday Gifts for the Geek [28 Nov 2004|01:47pm]

Hey, not to discredit the not-geek, but I have some funny panties only a geek would understand. Well, some of them are ones that only a geek would understand. These would make great gifts for your geek girlfriend, or non-geeks can buy them to show their love of their geek. Take a look around and buy a pair or two.
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another follow up- cross-posted [09 Nov 2004|04:44pm]

tried renaming explorer.exe like microsoft's knowldege base told me to and when i tried getting on again it said something like "could not find explorer.exe, you must re-install windows". so i renamed it back to explorer.exe and got the same message i had been getting before about "invalid page fault in module explorer.exe...." when i tried to get on.

i've been told that if i have a windows 98 disk, my computer would use the explorer.exe from that to load and i could extract a new copy of explorer.exe from the disk. how much would it cost to get a windows 98 disk? i'm pretty sure we don't have one.

also, how would i extract it from the disk?
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sorry for the cross-post [07 Nov 2004|01:20am]

okay, so i posted here a while ago and tried to remedy my computer's problem by doing what microsoft's knowledge base told me to do. my problem was that i kept getting a "explorer caused an invalid page fault in module explorer.exe at...." message when i started up my computer, even in safe mode, and could do nothing after clicking okay or whatever. the knowledge base told me to: "boot the computer to the Startup menu and then click Command Prompt Only. Type the following at the prompt: ren c:\explorer.exe explorer.old, and then press ENTER. Restart the computer."

i typed the command prompt and pressed enter and got a message saying "File not found- c:\explorer.exe"

then when i try logging on to safe mode (after restarting) i get the same message i was getting before.

so i tried searching through the knowledge base again tonight and found this. i'm not sure if would apply to my computer's problem though. i could try it, but i'd like to somewhat know if it could work first. or i could try extracting explorer.exe from the startup disk (if i can find the bloody thing).

nirvanaqween has helped me quite a bit, so i'd feel guilty asking for more help from her, so if anyone else can help i'd love that.

thank you all in advance for trying. and sorry 'bout the x-posting, but i thought i should post it in all the same places i posted about my original problem.
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[03 Nov 2004|06:25am]


My parnter and I are in search of a freelance PHP/MySQL programmer who could assist us in creating an [ expected ] high traffic website which requires these forms, and more: registration, login, help ticket, and more. This is a very specific project that is more than just a simple form. If you're interested for this paid position [ email for more info ] please email me at cgraydon@gmail.com asap.

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Hope It's Okay That I'm Posting This [20 Oct 2004|05:16pm]


cross-posted to a few different places

Okay, a few nights ago my computer automatically downloaded 6 viruses and some spyware. My virus program was only able to remove 1 of them and my spyware program was able to get rid of all of the spyware but 2 items. They had ICOO in the name. Anyway, I shut my computer down thinking I could try to remove the programs today because I was getting too tired to deal with my computer. Now I can't log on to my computer without getting a warning saying that Explorer performed an illegal operation and must shut down. If I click 'OK' all I'm left with is the background and if I click 'More Details' it says the following (I'm writing this on my dad's computer):

"Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module Explorer.EXE at 0167:00401f31
EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=00401f31 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00000001 SS=016f ESP=0080ff1c EBP=0080ff24
ECX=c1686900 DS=016f ESI=00000000 FS=2337
EDX=0080ff2c ES=016f EDI=00000000 GS=0000
stack dump:
00401ee0 0080ff2c 0080ff64 00405cac 00000000
00000000 00000000 00000001 00404436 0059fc30
8161b694 00000000 00000000 00000000 0000ffff

I don't know why it tells you the details if it's just going to be a bunch of numbers and letters. It's all jibberish to me, so I figured maybe someone here could make sense of it? I wish I was a computer so I knew what it all meant.

I'm having the same problem when I try to go to Safe Mode too, so no luck in trying that.

oh, i almost forgot to mention this. in the registry before i shut the computer down i noticed there were 6 main folders, the ones that begin with "HKEY_....". i'm pretty sure there are normally only 4. don't know how much that would affect anything. and i have windows 98 if it makes a difference.

also, what are some more communities that are made for questions like this, so i can cross post to them if i don't find an answer here?

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Poogle v0.06 released [15 Aug 2004|12:58pm]

[ mood | amused ]

cross posted with love.....

It seems I got really bored the other day and decided to write a POP3 proxy for gmail. Its pretty raw right now, but functional. It requires perl5 and the Mail::Webmail::Gmail module from CPAN. Other than that, untar it and run it. The delete command has been effectively mapped to NOOP because I didnt want to destroy my Gmail inbox while testing. As always your comments/patches are welcome. Labels are not supported yet, but items in your SPAM, STARRED, and TRASH folders are labeled as such in the subject of the message (POP3 doesnt easily support folders). The code is here:


Future plans:
* IMAP support
* Labels
* ARCHIVE instead of DELETE
* Message count updating and tracking (so outlook doesnt keep downloading the same messages)
* SMTP proxy as well.

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dell inspiron 2650 [07 Aug 2004|06:28pm]

Selling my laptop, good deal. check it.


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New Community [20 Sep 2003|02:59pm]

I just started a new community nj_geeks for all of us geeks from New Jersey, feel free to join and post.
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The geek life The geek life [13 May 2003|04:47pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

This is the geek life - I'm posting this via PocketLJ in AvantGo from my new Cli NZ90 connected via BlueTooth to my T68i for GPRS.

This is the coolest geek toy I've had in a long time. I feel like a little kid on xmas day!

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ello! [25 Nov 2002|02:52pm]
[ mood | good ]

hi! <3 my name is cici and i just joined this cummunity because my beau is a self-proclaimed geek and a damned sexy one at that. his name is chase and he'd probably kill me if he saw these. oh well! rofl.

uber-g33k to the maximum, y0. feel free to respond or post in my journal. -cici-

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[09 Sep 2002|11:35am]

does anyone here have a bebe as HOT as mine??????????????? NO WAY! ::D:D:D
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[22 Aug 2002|02:45am]

and this is MY computer geek bebe

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