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Haha... Yeah.

Okay. So first post in a dead community. This is nice, but I liked the name, so I figured I'd join up.

Currently I'm doing a few things with my geekiness. Ready, let's wander into my brain for a minute. Let's rattle off some of the equipment I have laying around here.

All the systems below are VNCed with UltraVNC, and also Fold proteins for Folding@Home (Stanford University). I'll post more on that all later.

(1) Belkin Wired Router
(1) Belkin Wireless Router (802.11b)
(1) NetGear Four Port Router
(1) Hawkings 8-port mini-switch
(1) Tons of transistors, resistors, random pc parts (bezels, screws, the toolbox that's cramped with random things, the nut/bolt sorting box that's too full, the huge metal box under my bed full of anti-static bags with NICs, videocards, soundcards, and controller cards.)

Now ... the rigs sitting around, all networked together.

-Pandora (my personal rig)

Athlon XP 2200+ (2.2ghz overclocked air cooling)
One gig Generic PC3200 DDR (2x512 with heat spreaders)
1x160gig drive, 1x80gig internal drive, 1x80gig external drive, 1x40gig internal drive.
Samsung CD-RW/DVD-Rom
ABIT NF7-S Revision 2.0 Mainboard, custom cooled northbridge.
Nice little cheap half-server tower case, black and grey, matching bezels and floppy.
Insignia 17" generic monitor
Microsoft Intellimouse 2.0 (tilt-wheel) wireless mouse.
Some generic black keyboard.

-Prometheus (my server)
AMD Duron 700 (741mhz, air cooled)
393mb generic PC133 SDRAM
1x30gig drive
Generic CD-Rom
Gigabyte G-7ZM mainboard (stable server board)
Nothing else except the KVM cables running to it. It's a headless server most of the time, using UltraVNC to administrate.

Intel Celeron (566mhz, air cooled)
1x10gig drive
Generic CD-Rom
Florida board, not sure the revision
64mb PC100 SDRAM
Headless system, again.

-FAKK2 (Chad's Alienware)
Athlon64 4000+ (2.4ghz)
One gig Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR (2x512)
1x80gig internal sata
Not sure, but it's an ABIT mainboard, I'll find out sometime.
His 17" LCD Monitor, and stuff. But I still have his VNCed, not to his knowledge.

-DragonBlade (Living room PC)
Athlon XP 1700+ (1.67ghz)
512mb PC2100 DDR (2x256)
1x30gig internal drive
Samsung CD-RW
My old 15" monitor, VNCed as well.

-NotNamed (Not yet done being cleaned)
Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67ghz)
512mb PC2700 DDR (2x256)
60gig internal
Generic CD-RW, Generic DVD-Rom
No monitor, but will VNC as a headless system.
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