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sorry for the cross-post

okay, so i posted here a while ago and tried to remedy my computer's problem by doing what microsoft's knowledge base told me to do. my problem was that i kept getting a "explorer caused an invalid page fault in module explorer.exe at...." message when i started up my computer, even in safe mode, and could do nothing after clicking okay or whatever. the knowledge base told me to: "boot the computer to the Startup menu and then click Command Prompt Only. Type the following at the prompt: ren c:\explorer.exe explorer.old, and then press ENTER. Restart the computer."

i typed the command prompt and pressed enter and got a message saying "File not found- c:\explorer.exe"

then when i try logging on to safe mode (after restarting) i get the same message i was getting before.

so i tried searching through the knowledge base again tonight and found this. i'm not sure if would apply to my computer's problem though. i could try it, but i'd like to somewhat know if it could work first. or i could try extracting explorer.exe from the startup disk (if i can find the bloody thing).

nirvanaqween has helped me quite a bit, so i'd feel guilty asking for more help from her, so if anyone else can help i'd love that.

thank you all in advance for trying. and sorry 'bout the x-posting, but i thought i should post it in all the same places i posted about my original problem.
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