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Poogle v0.06 released

cross posted with love.....

It seems I got really bored the other day and decided to write a POP3 proxy for gmail. Its pretty raw right now, but functional. It requires perl5 and the Mail::Webmail::Gmail module from CPAN. Other than that, untar it and run it. The delete command has been effectively mapped to NOOP because I didnt want to destroy my Gmail inbox while testing. As always your comments/patches are welcome. Labels are not supported yet, but items in your SPAM, STARRED, and TRASH folders are labeled as such in the subject of the message (POP3 doesnt easily support folders). The code is here:

Future plans:
* IMAP support
* Labels
* ARCHIVE instead of DELETE
* Message count updating and tracking (so outlook doesnt keep downloading the same messages)
* SMTP proxy as well.
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